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One of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce’s primary missions is advocating for a healthy local economy and a government that supports economic growth. Over the last ten years the major growth in Anchorage Chamber membership has been small businesses who employ less than 15 people. This makes a strong Anchorage Chamber of Commerce advocacy program critical to helping these companies navigate the maze of government policies.

The Anchorage Chamber is a non-partisan organization, which delivers clear, objective information about candidate and issues to our members, so they can make their own elections decisions. It is important to note that the Anchorage Chamber is an independent, 501c (6) not for profit organization, and the only independent organization representing local businesses-large and small.

Although we are non-partisan, the Anchorage Chamber takes an active role in advocating for sensible government policies, which will protect our members and advance business opportunities. All of our priorities are determined by our membership, vetted by our committees, and then presented to the full board of directors for action if needed.

This year Anchorage Chamber members identified four issues that are inhibiting economic growth. These issues included: energy security for Anchorage, work force development, affordable housing, and regulatory reform. These issues along with promoting economic diversity, improving public school outcomes and taxation all make up the Anchorage Chamber’s 2014 public policy agenda.

All Anchorage Chamber members are encouraged to get involved in the public policy process by serving on one of our committees. Both our Legislative and our Anchorage Business Committees are diving deep into these issues, hearing from a range of diverse stakeholders, along with both legislators and local elected officials. Your participation in our public policy agenda supports the Anchorage Chamber’s mission to Advance Anchorage and Advance Business.

2014 will be a busy for the Anchorage Chamber’s advocacy effort with a critical election year upon us. To facilitate a greater understand of the issues and candidates, the Anchorage Chamber has announced the most comprehensive candidate debate schedules in our 99 year history. Please make plans to attend these opportunities to interact with the candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House as well as get informed about the ballot initiatives.

If you have any questions about our public policy agenda for 2014, or would like to get more involved in the direction of the Anchorage Chamber’s legislative program, please contact Corey Hester at 677-7103,

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