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The Anchorage Chamber board of directors serves as an advocate for the local business community. With input from the member-driven advocacy committees, the board often takes positions on issues that will impact business and quality of life in Anchorage.


Oppose Ballot Measure 1, a proposition to repeal oil & gas tax reform

Newspaper Headline: “Palin’s Legacy an Unlikely Role in Alaska Fight on Oil Taxes”

The Anchorage Chamber opposes Ballot Measure 1, an initiative that seeks to repeal oil & gas tax reforms adopted last year by the Alaska State Legislature. For more than 50 years, the oil and gas industry has played a central role in Alaska’s economic growth and job creation

Today, more than one-third of all Alaska jobs are tied to the oil and gas industry and those jobs are spread across the entire economy in transportation, construction, engineering, housing, retail sales, hospitality, professional services, government, and many other areas where there is an indirect impact because of the energy industry.

Alaska’s oil production has been declining by an average of six percent per year for the last 6 years, and that production decline continued under the old punitive tax system (ACES) put in place in 2007.

The new oil tax structure has created an investment climate favorable to increasing oil production which will provide a growing and vibrant Alaska economy. Tax reform is already having an impact; oil-producing companies have already announced new projects and investments that will add oil production and create new jobs across Alaska’s economy; and that the new tax system needs to be given a chance to work to secure Alaska’s future.


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